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Only write a summary for your AWS resume if you have professional experience of 3 years and above. The STAR format is an established AWS resume format you should pick to write a professional experience section. The first stage of creating your AWS solutions architect resume is drafting a master AWS resume which will work as a dumping ground for all your important professional information.

  • Always provide the functional mobile number that you will be available so that recruiters can easily get in touch with you.
  • As you wait for the right opportunity, stay on top of the latest cloud trends as they are ever-evolving, and keep you skills sharp with cloud labs and exercises.
  • Considering you’ll also be developing the cloud, you should also be familiar with programming languages like Python, Java, or Ruby.
  • Troubleshooted and resolved 50 + of build and deployment issues in preprod/prod environments.
  • You may be able to find non-profit organizations looking for extra help.
  • Integrated services like GitHub , AWS CodePipeline , Jenkins and AWS Elastic Beanstalk to create a deployment pipeline.

We have listed the key takeaways for creating a beautiful resume that are simple yet effective and solidifies your position for the job. Because the position of AWS ML Cloud engineer is a unique career path in its own right, it also has some distinct requirements. All you have to do is copy-paste the entire job description in the provided space and the JD matcher will analyze your resume, highlight the missing skills, and provide your resume score. Experience working withcloud platforms and marketplaces (AWS, Microsoft Azure, GoogleCloud, AliCloud, OpenShift…). Experience operating and maintaining production systems in Linux and public cloud environments.

Craft your perfect resume by picking job responsibilities written by professional recruiters

These days, many large companies have so many applicants for new or vacant positions, they have to automate their systems just to deal with the influx. Worked on writing Ansible playbooks for automating and deploying various packages into servers. Build and deployed EC2 instances on Test servers from Cloud Formation Templates.

aws cloud engineer resume

For more information on cloud technologies and careers, read our definition of cloud computing and our essential guide on starting your cloud career. For more in-depth information on the different cloud engineering careers, click here. There are many relevant certifications available due to the demand for cloud engineer skills. Cloud engineers should have cloud database management skills and knowledge of MySQL and Hadoop. Secured buy-in how to become an aws cloud engineer for switching from GCP to AWS cloud servers and led project team of 6 Junior DevOps Engineers saving the company $3M annually while increasing performance by 10%. While a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science is one of the most common educational backgrounds for this position, it’s not the only option. Your ideal AWS cloud engineer might also have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Information Technology or Computer Engineering.

Template 4 of 5: Cloud Network Engineer Resume Example

Do not forget to pick out all the relevant keywords used by the recruiter in the job description and highlight them in your key skills section. However, be careful to only add the keywords that is present in your professional experience section. Worked as an AWS Solutions Architect in team where I was expected to build and maintain infrastructure that could store, process & manage the huge amount of data collected from various sources.

aws cloud engineer resume

This way, you can position yourself in the best way to get hired. Most cloud providers make it easy to get started with free accounts to play around. When you’re ready to get certified, you can now take your exam online or in person, making getting certified on your time easier than ever.

Resume Margins: How to Set Them in 2022? [With Step-By-Step Guide]

Or they may be entirely self-taught, with skills gained on the job. The second list is more elaborate and sometimes can include soft skills useful for a specific job. If you want to underline your company’s culture and style of work, you can add here some fun characteristics that will suit your team’s approach to work and leisure.

aws cloud engineer resume

Once certified, the next step is to build a resume that would help you get recognized and thus end up with a job opportunity. In this article, I would be discussing all the nitty-gritty concerning an AWS resume. Developed an Azure based high performance compute environment to support the massive computational requirements of client congressional redistricting Azure application. Develop push-button automation for app teams for deployments in multiple environments like Dev, QA, and Production. Administered and Maintained WAS Network Deployment Manager clusters and deployed applications in highly available, load balanced production environments. Deploy the all build artifacts in tomcat server and resolved the issues for any failed jobs. Troubleshooted and resolved 50 + of build and deployment issues in preprod/prod environments.

List of Typical Skills For an AWS Cloud Engineer Resume

Good Experience in architecting and configuring secure cloud VPC using private and public networks through subnets in AWS. Created automated pipelines in AWS CodePipeline to deploy Docker containers in AWS ECS using services like CloudFormation , CodeBuild , CodeDeploy , S3 and puppet . Experience in working on version controller tools like GitHub , Subversion and software builds tools like Apache Maven, Apache Ant. Hands-on Experience in configuration of Network architecture on AWS with VPC, Subnets, Internet gateway, NAT, Route table. In depth Knowledge of AWS cloud service like Compute, Network, Storage and Identity & access management. Wrote Ansible playbooks to launch AWS instances and used Ansible to manage web applications, configuration files, used mount points and packages. Experienced in Automating, Configuring and deploying instances on AWS, Azure environments and Data centers, also familiar with EC2, Cloud watch, Cloud Formation and managing security groups on AWS.

You will be able to follow all the formatting guidelines required on a resume and cover letter, which is the main reason it takes some people months to find work even though they are perfect candidates. Don’t worry about including specifics here, or even job titles. Troubleshoot network issues such as bandwidth, TCP/IP performance, packet loss rate, jitter, latency and packet error rate of the network.

So, at the organizational level, include more information about your leadership skills in managing large teams. Consider your AWS ML Cloud engineer resume to be an advertisement, and yourself to be a commodity. There should be something unique about your story if someone wants to invest in your potential.

  • While a certification doesn’t guarantee you’ll land your dream job, it will definitely get you closer to it than you are right now.
  • The process of writing a professional job description for this position, explained step by step.
  • This way, you can position yourself in the best way to get hired.
  • These positions oversee the architecture, configuration and deployment of applications in the cloud.
  • Cloud engineers should understand virtual networks and general network management functions.

The first thing people will see on your resume is a summary of your skills and experience. This should be quick and to the point, so you may want to describe your main job skills. In the past, companies used to have their own servers on-site. Some of the major problems with on-site servers are that they consume a lot of electricity and have a high risk of facing technical issues, which often lead to companies losing all their data. These days we all use cloud services in our daily life, whether you’re using an email service, backing up the pictures on your phone, or streaming services like Netflix. A cloud is essentially a public or private source to store data. Check out our professional cloud computing engineer CV template to see how to make your CV a great fit.Read More…

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