My Experiences Purchasing Bitcoins On Cex Io Using A Credit Card

cex io verification

After taking some selfies of myself and my papers, I uploaded them directly through the website and was told the process would take anywhere from some minutes to hours. Approximately 20 minuets later I got an email informing me that my photos had been rejected.

Getting codes from the application is much faster and more secure, so we also recommend you to choose this method. All verification levels on require An international passport/national ID card/driver’s license. This document should be valid and internationally recognized. Check that it’s issued with Latin characters or with Latin transliteration of the main fields. Also MasterCard withdrawals for users from India are disabled.

Stage 2 Address Verification

Trading cryptocurrencies is not supervised by any EU regulatory framework. Any trading history presented is less than 5 years old unless otherwise stated and may not suffice as a basis for investment decisions. Email verification is the most basic verification step needed to register for an account. You need ID verification to trade and you must also verify your card before using it. CEX.IO is registered in the UK and has received money transmitter licenses to offer services in the jurisdictions it operates.

The platform offers an app so you can trade wherever you are. Regardless of whether you’re an Android user or an iOS one, CEX-IO’s app sends you notifications and alerts for specific values you wish to be informed about, and you can use your card to pay. However, the verification process can get tricky if you don’t get approved right away.

What Are The Advantages Of Having A Verified Account?

On you can select our free phone numbers for verification purposes. Every day we add new temporary phone numbers and remove these ones that don’t work anymore.

What is verify account number?

Banks use a bank account number verification process to verify the accuracy of the information customers enter when setting up external transfers. … This usually means the bank will make one or more test deposits to verify the account number and routing number.

I have provided every form they have requested and followed all procedures. They are holding my money and requesting item after item to which I respond and still they come up with another hoop for me to jump thriugh.

Ratings And Reviews

As was stated in the beginning, reading a review is important for you to make the best choice possible. There are different sites out there that you can find and have a better time trading, so you shouldn’t pick the first one you see – even if it’s been on the market for years. Therefore, CEX-IO is a platform where you can buy bitcoins and different financial products, but if you care about user experience, speed, and fees, you shouldn’t pick it. Its verification process can take a long time, hindering your ability to trade the way you want. You might have to wait weeks before you get a response.

cex io verification

The screen will be divided into two parts, so make sure your face fits in the frame on the left and your document with the note in the frame on the right. Once the document and your face are within the frames, blink to take a shot. Make sure that all text is visible and confirm readability to move to the next block.

What Is Wrong With My Documents For Verification?

At some point its mining pool, known as, was so big it held 42% of the total network mining power. Since some users waited so long to confirm their assets in their accounts, they wondered if the site is a scam. Even though it’s not, waiting for a month to visualize everything you’ve done can make you stressed and anxious. Reading a review on trading platforms is vital if you want to invest correctly.

cex io verification is registered with FINCEN and it applies standard KYC and AML (anti-money laundering) policies. This means you’ll need to verify your identity before you will be able to buy cryptocurrency via the exchange. Why would you want to wait that long to ensure that your account is all set to buy bitcoin or exchange other cryptocurrencies? That’s a good question considering it happens even if you pay with a card.

Select The Document Type

There are two important points to discuss when it comes to CEX-IO’s speed. The first one is the transaction confirmation and the second is purchase speed.

In summary, although the platform offers you convenient ways to avoid fees, it’s still expensive if you want to use your credit or debit card to pay. Users get access to custom trading options along with unlimited deposits and withdrawals. Features like global coverage, regulatory compliance, a wide range of supported cryptocurrencies and low trading fees/commissions are attractive to both beginners and professional traders alike.

Read this review to learn more about its cryptocurrency exchange offers, how you can buy bitcoin, its fees, options to purchase using a card, and more. A verified address unlocks the bank transfers payment option and increases daily limits to $10,000 for deposits and $50,000 for withdrawals. In 2019, it entered the US market and acquired Money Transmitter Licenses that allow it to operate in 48 states.

  • Manage your orders and deposit and withdraw your funds using credit/debit cards and cryptocurrencies anytime and anywhere.
  • Indicate your monthly income and check the boxes next to the sources of your fiat funds.
  • This could be your passport, ID card, or driving license.
  • One thing you should know about the platform is that it may not be suitable for new traders due to the configurations and setting of the platform.
  • The amount of Ether always changes depending on the current exchange rate.
  • Reddit also has its share of reviews but I couldn’t find anything particularly good or bad Redditors had to say about the exchange.

I have requested the refund form, but they have ignored that request, and I am now requesting a full refund of my $500 back to the funding account. Well, if that’s so and it took them a full day to realiize that, then itt was their mistake to be taking my deposit in the first place, n’et pas? And then the only logical and sure path of rectification would be for them to refund my $500 review back to its source account. There are some errors in your verification application form. Enable me to complete the $300 BTC withdrawl that I started and intended to complete 2 weeks ago. I am so disappointed to know that a company like CEX exists. Market orders are placed at the best available current market rate, while limit orders are placed at a specific buy or sell limit.

This “rounding error” meant that they effectively gained 0,01 EUR in abandoned currency as a hidden transaction fee. The minimum purchase sum is 20 EUR, so I can’t use that money. In case our users provide all the requested and relevant information, all the services are enabled after the procedure completion. Second, I sent many massages, I don’t get a response to my requests. has a similar trading interface to a standard cryptocurrency exchange. The UI will be familiar to anyone who has traded on other crypto exchanges in the past. is used by both retail traders and institutional traders. The platform has a multi-level account system that caters to traders of all sizes. Other key features offered by include worldwide coverage, multiple payment options, and 24/7 support. Visa/MasterCard deposits in USD, EUR, GBP, or RUB accrue a fee of 2.99%, and USD withdrawals to a Visa card face a service charge of up to 3% + $1.20 and a commission of up to $3.80.

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It is registered and regulated by the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office. The good thing about this platform is that it gets its approval from the United States Financial Crimes Enforcement Network .

  • Therefore, if you review every purchase you make, about 10% goes to fees.
  • You can take the selfie with your mobile device or upload a file from your computer.
  • For example, you can set up the app so it notifies you when an asset price changes within a 24-hour period.
  • When you sign up for an account with the exchange, your level of access, and what you can do depends on whether you hold a basic, or verified account.
  • As a result, you will have to verify your identity to comply with the KYC policies and regulations before you can access the platform.

So, it’s very important to mention this in the review. It accepts multiple deposit types and supportsdifferent digital assets. It is great for both advanced users and beginners getting started with buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

To do so, you can use a bank statement, electricity or utility bill, tax return/council tax document, or another document with your name and address on it. If you are submitting a government-issued national ID card or driver’s license, take a photo of the front and back sides of your document. It should be issued with Latin characters or with Latin transliteration of the main fields. Specify the amount of money you intend to withdraw from your card. The development team works hard to ensure that the platform is safe at all times. You are allowed to fund your account with $20 in cash and above.

Author: Fredrik Vold